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Furminator Small Soft Slicker Brush (Green) Small

The slicker brush helps keep your pet’s coat clean and healthy. The soft stainless steel bristles will not scratch the

Grooming Products for Dogs

Keep your dog’s coat in optimum condition with our range of dog grooming products. All products are carefully selected to give the best results at home., whether your dog has long hair or short, straight hair or curly.

Grooming your dog encourages relaxation and bonding, and gives you the perfect opportunity to regularly check for health issues such as fleas, sores or dry flaky skin.

Some dogs shed all year round, others blow their coat a couple of times a year. Either way, regular grooming helps remove naturally shedding hair making it much easier to keep your carpets and couches clean! Avoid uncomfortable knots by grooming long haired dogs at least weekly, and be sure to choose the right grooming products for your dogs coat.

A range of grooming tools will help you tackle every situation. Pin brushes are a great all rounder. Rotating tooth combs are fabulous for more stubborn shedding undercoat. Rakes and Furminators are the next level up for de-shedding, and slicker brushes keep the fluff extra fluffy! If your dog has a short coat, the Kong ZoomGroom is super easy and efficient, giving a massage as you remove dead hair.

We have a range of shampoos and conditioners to suite every coat. Oatmeal for sensitive skin, whitening for brighter whites, and nourishing products leaving your dog’s coat soft, shiny and smelling divine!

Not sure which products to use? Get in touch with us today.