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Christmas Bandana

Each bandana is unique, lovingly hand made by local Perth artist, Stelly Stitches. Scroll over the images to zoom in.

Hurtta Houndtex Waterproof Raincoat (Black) Small

A protective raincoat for walks in cold and windy conditions. Protects the dog’s major muscle groups and sensitive abdominal area.

JumppaPomppa Fleece Sweater

Backorders are currently closed. Please contact us for an ETA on our next order.

KevytPomppa Mid Season Jacket

Backorders are currently closed. Please contact us for the ETA of our next order.

PerusPomppa Warm Jacket

Backorders are currently closed. Please contact us for the ETA of our next order.

Pomppa Replacement Buckle

Please contact us for an estimated order time before placing this product on backorder. Orders are only placed with Pomppa a few times a year.

Coats Clothing & Accessories for Dogs

Whether for fashion or function, dress your dog at Diva Pet. Our range of dog coats clothing and accessories are carefully chosen to offer the most stylish, quality selection for your pooch. Weather proof coats and jackets, to cute little bowties to accessorize any outfit.

Some dog owners love the idea of dressing their dogs up in the latest fashion, and having multiple outfits to choose from .Others prefer coats for function – keeping out the cold or keeping your dog dry on a walk in the rain. What ever your preference, we are here to help.

Does my dog need a jacket?

There are many factors that can influence this decision. Short, single coated dogs don’t have as much built in heating, and some breeds are more prone to feeling the cold. Smaller, thinner dogs like Chihuahua’s, Fox Terriers, Whippets, Italian Greyhounds, Miniature Pincers, and Manchester Terriers feel the cold a lot more and will definitely benefit from the extra warmth.

If it’s cold where you live, and you notice fido curling into a tight little ball rather than sleeping outstretched, this may indicate he’s trying to keep warm. Add a coat to keep him comfortable. If their extremities like ears and feet feel freezing cold to the touch, this is also a sign that a jacket may help.

Socks are particularly handy for dogs with allergies, dogs with injuries, or dogs with freezing cold toes. With silicone grip on the sole, they are fabulous for dogs who slip and slide on slippery tiles and floors, avoiding injury and making home life more comfortable.

Buying dog coats clothing and accessories online in Australia has never been easier. Just like we accessorize ourselves, we have collars, leads, socks, and even bow ties to match every outfit.